Park Air offers training courses specifically designed for people responsible for the acquisition, installation, support and maintenance of Park Air ATM communications systems.

Our focus is on helping you to provide a reliable voice and data communications service between the pilot and the ground. The courses will ensure that your staff are able to monitor, maintain and grow your systems and respond to changes in the local environment. This includes the transition to full IP communications, without interrupting service and whilst continuing to support legacy equipment.

Park Air offers the following courses:

Product Training

Understanding RF Principles and Communication

Cybersecurity for ATM Professionals 

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Courses are developed by our technical experts, including product design specialists and field support staff. They are all delivered by professional trainers who themselves have extensive ATM communications experience. Park Air modular courses use building blocks to create the right course for every customer and every level of knowledge; bespoke training courses are available on request.

Blended learning utilises varied delivery methods - theoretical, practical, demonstrations and e-learning: the mix of media can be bespoke for each customer’s requirements, for beginners and advanced learners and with easy access to online resources.

Participant Testing

We offer formal and informal assessment options – a means of feedback for the contracting body and documentation for the student; option of formal validation and certification against competency standards.

Ongoing Learning

Following our training courses, you will have access to online resources to use as a refresher, or to support cascade training within your organisation. You can also purchase annual licences to use our training content when delivering training for your engineering maintenance personnel.