Defence Communication

M7 Controller

The Park Air M7 VHF/UHF range of radios is designed for defence forces fulfilling a comprehensive range of demanding communication needs in the fixed, maritime and deployable applications.

M7 Controller Specifications


Resilient to interference - Outstanding RF performance means voice quality is excellent, even in the presence of RF interference.

High power for long range - Designed for demanding applications, the M7 radio delivers 50 W continuously in AM-voice mode and 100 W continuously in FM-voice and Saturn / Talon modes, even in severe environments and into high antenna VSWR.

Connectivity and expansion.

Software defined waveforms - A number of voice and data waveforms are available, anticipating the tactical demands of military users. These include AM / FM voice and wideband data, Link 11 and international maritime.

EPM options - EPM capability can be factory-fitted or added later, according to customer preference. Have Quick, Saturn and Talon are all supported.

Designed for future and legacy networks and systems - The M7 radio supports a variety of analogue and digital interfaces for connection to future and legacy command and control systems.  This includes an IP interface for VoIP and command & control (C2) systems. Link 22 is also supported via an external modem. Multi-purpose RS422 / RS485 serial ports add further options for connection to peripherals and C2.

Remotely controllable - For remote operation, the radio front panel may be detached and installed up to 10 m away. For longer distances, or integration with IP networks, a dedicated IP remote control unit is available.

Custom interface port - Anticipating future capability needs, a custom interface port allows the radio to be upgraded with customer-specific modules.

Simplified installation, set-up and usability.

Compact, rugged form factor - The 4U, single package form factor means that more channels can be housed in the available cabinet space. This is particularly important for naval and transportable applications where space may be limited.

Flexible remote control - The radio may be operated either from the front panel or from a remote control unit connected via an IP or E1 network.

Easy to maintain - The modular construction makes it easy to add or replace M7 modules for upgrade or repair.

Intuitive user interface - A high resolution electroluminescent display is supplemented by tactile soft keys and numeric keypad. The HMI menu system is simple and easy to use. USB and EPM key distribution device interfaces supplement the audio headset connector and loudspeaker.


Flexible main / standby features - These include software programmable interfaces for controlling external changeover and filter units. Independent AC and DC power options provide additional redundancy.

Intelligent built-in-test - The M7 radio continually monitors its own environment and performance, checking for issues before they become a problem.

M7 Controller Specifications

M7 Features

  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 

Desk mount 309 x 241 x 162 mm

Console mount 238 x 45 x 167 mm

  • Weight:   <6 kg

  • Power Supply:

99 - 264 Vac, 47-63 Hz 21.6 - 32 Vdc

  • Environmental

Temperature -20 to +55°C operational (-40 to +70°C storage) Relative humidity 5 to 95% non-condensing

User Interface

  • Microphone/ Headset/ Maintenance Connector (front and rear)    
  • Fill Connector
  • External Speaker socket, E1 
  • 4-wire E&M
  • AC and DC power
  • Control head can be removed for remote operation