Data Assurance

Knowing today’s advanced ATM requires tomorrow’s most advanced security measures.

A topic widely discussed in Air Traffic Management.
Let Park Air help you analyse your requirements.

Evolving cyber threats are quickly outpacing today’s Air traffic management technology. Which is why Park Air offers true end-to-end cyber solutions, providing trusted state-of-the-art equipment, logistic support, training and unmatched consultation services.

And we’re backed up by Northrop Grumman, the leader in holistic cyber security solutions, with 30 years heritage of unrivalled offensive and defensive capabilities to combat any cyber threats. 

Everybody is vulnerable and especially so, if your communication system relies on the internet. Are your systems and processes up-to-date? Are your people aware of cyber threats?

The changeover from analog to IP based communication opened a door to cyber threats. These doors can be and have to be shut.

Get an expert view on your cyber security. Park Air Systems, in conjunction with Northrop Grumman, who have been delivering enduring cyber security solutions to US and international government clients for decades, offers end-to-end cyber solutions.  

If you are interested in a private cyber briefing, please make an appointment. Just Email our cyber team with your questions.

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