ATM Communications

Z2 Antennae

The Z2 omnidirectional antennae consistently outperform rival products for quality, reliability and ease of installation for ground-to-air applications.

Specially selected to accompany the full range of Park Air radios, the Z2 antennae have proven themselves in use and guarantee many years of trouble-free service.

Our priority has been to ensure outstanding electrical performance that exceeds requirements. Even in the most demanding outdoor environments, Z2 antennas perform superbly for both civil and military applications.

VHF, UHF and wideband models are available in dipole and discone configurations with various mounting options. A full range of accessories are available including cables, connectors and lightning protection.

Z2 Antennae Specifications

Frequency coverage

standard VHF - 118 to 137 MHz;

wideband VHF - 112 to 156 MHz;

standard UHF - 225 to 400 MHz;

wideband VHF/UHF - 100 to 400 MHz


0 dB

Max power

150 W to 500 W (depending on model)


<2.3:1 (depending on model)




Z2-DIP118-137 - Height 1460 mm

Z2-DIP225-400 - Height 1216 mm

Z2-DISC100-400 - Height 1170 mm, Diameter 1360 mm (at radial tips)

Wind load

Z2-DIP118-137- 83 m/s

Z2-DIP225-400- @ 160 km / hr, 150 N


Z2-DIP118-137 - 1 kg

Z2-DIP225-400 - 2 kg

Z2-DISC100-400 - 5 kg