ATM Communications

X4 Power Supplies

Where stable, high efficiency DC power is needed for critical functions, you can rely on the X4 Power Supplies. In ATM applications reliability is paramount and the X4 has superb reliability credentials.

A modular design makes installation simple, with DIN rail mounting that lets the unit click quickly into place within our C4 Cabinets.

Ease of fitting

A modular design for fast installation. The unobtrusive, modular design with DIN rail mounting means that it takes only a few seconds to install an X4 Power Supply into a C4 Cabinet. The fact that each unit is ready-wired for power makes it easy to complete the installation.

Efficiency for sustainability

A key feature of the X4 Power Supplies is their high efficiency. This means that less energy is wasted as heat, reinforcing our commitment to environmental sustainability which is a design factor in all Park Air products.

X4 Power Supplies Specifications

Power output

120 W


DIN Rail mount, 117 x 40 x 124 mm


900 g