ATM Communications

MARC Server

Plug-in software and hardware designed for safety, ease of use and scalability.

MARC Server is a suite of software and hardware designed for safety, ease of use and scalability. Plug-in software modules connect the core application to supported assets.

The browser-based user interface provides full supervision from desktop or mobile devices.

Routine test schedule.

MARC Server instructs built in test equipment to perform testing to a schedule that you create. This ensures that testing happens when it should, so problems are discovered and reported as early as possible.

Alerts of degraded performance.

If a performance problem is identified, warnings are sent to desktop or mobile devices. No matter where your maintenance personnel are located, they will be alerted to performance issues in the system.

Automatic resource optimisation.

The system can assign main and standby radios to be active or inactive according to a predefined schedule. This ensures that all components are operated on a regular basis, with issues detected long before they become a problem.

Ease of use.

Intuitive web-based interface. The graphical interface runs in a web browser, so users have a familiar looking front end and need less training as a result.

Simple in operation.

MARC Server makes it simple to change views of system assets (for example by region or channel), manage your network’s configuration and set up role based access on a node-by-node basis, with all user activities logged.


An RCMS platform for now and the future. MARC Server has been designed to support the latest high bandwidth IP networks and also legacy infrastructure, including low bandwidth serial/telephone interconnections.

Scalable for system expansion.

The enterprise-scale platform means that MARC Server is not limited by network or data capacity. This reduces upgrade costs and means you can maintain performance as your system expands.

Compatible with Park Air and third party systems.

MARC Server has been designed as an integral part of the Park Air product range, but it can also integrate with any IP or serial-capable device. This means it is compatible with other manufacturers’ radios, network switches, interface converters, building alarms and environmental monitoring equipment.