ATM Communications

J4 Line Conditioning

Modular design - Allows solutions to scale from small airports to national infrastructure and beyond. More Park Air J4 Line Conditioning components can be added as required, so you can keep pace with your system’s expansion.

Ready to install - All units are designed to click effortlessly into place within Park Air C4 Cabinets. They are also supplied ready-wired for power, making installation simplicity itself.

A solution for every scenario. The range can cope with any situation thanks to these features:

  • A selection of managed and unmanaged IP switches with 5, 8 or 16 Ethernet ports for VoIP and RCMS.

  • Krone patch panels for easy access to any line interface.

  • Audio line switch and splitter for external main/standby changeover.

  • Serial to Ethernet converters for legacy support.

  • A digital I/O to Ethernet convertor for simple remote control and monitoring of digital interfaces.

Long-term support - The use of common building blocks and support for legacy standards simplifies through-life support.

J4 Line Conditioning Specifications

J4 Ethernet Switches

5, 8 or 16 Ethernet 10/100BaseT(X) ports, managed and unmanaged

J4 4W E&M Components

4W E&M Switch and Splitter for external main / standby changeover

Krone interface provides up to 16 Krone inputs or outputs

J4 18 Channel Digital to Ethernet Converter

For simple remote control and monitoring of digital interfaces

Provides 12 digital inputs supporting wet / dry contacts, 6 digital outputs, 1 Ethernet 10/100BaseT(X)

J4 Serial to Ethernet Converters

For simple remote control and monitoring of devices over serial interfaces

2-port and 16-port versions available

Provides RS232 / RS422 inputs / outputs and 1 Ethernet 10/100BaseT(X). Supports SNMP and IPv6

Equipment mounting

Simple tool-free clip-on DIN rail 

(except for J4 16-Port Serial to Ethernet Converters which is standard 19″ rack mounted)