ATM Communications

C4 Cabinets

We have taken a radical approach to design with our range of C4 Cabinets. The result is a completely new way of integrating ATM components.

A unique mounting mechanism means that installing Park Air components takes seconds and needs no tools. Other off-the shelf products can also be installed, thanks to the cabinet’s compatibility with standard 19″ rack equipment.

The design ensures ample ventilation and simplified cable management while the construction provides the strength to support any configuration.

Engineered for performance, designed for the future, the C4 Cabinets give you a compact, durable and distinctive choice for integrating your ATM equipment.

C4 Cabinets Specifications


40U or 30U


40 U: 1,989 mm high x 600 mm wide x 675 mm deep

30 U: 1,544 mm high x 600 mm wide x 675 mm deep

Equipment mounting

Simple tool-free slide and lock for radios and filters

Simple tool-free clip-on DIN rail for rear mounted components

Conventional 19″ rack fixings for third party components

Cable management

Integral cable management system for easy installation and maintenance

Power distribution

Integral AC and DC options

Cooling management

Fan tray for exceptionally adverse environments


Lockable vented rear door