ATM Communications

A6 Confidence Test Equipment

A complete solution, industry-standard technology. The Park Air A6 Confidence Test Equipment is built around the industry-standard CMA 180 Digital Radio Test Set.

Software automation

Bespoke software is installed to simplify and automate the test process.

Easy connection to radios and systems

Dedicated test and calibration harnesses are provided to connect to the equipment under test and ensure that the test equipment itself is functioning correctly.

Quick and accurate information

Various test procedures help with proving suspect or repaired equipment, isolating system faults and diagnosing certain radio failures. Whatever the test, you will have accurate information on your radio assets within minutes.

Share or print data

Test output can be directed to file or a printer for subsequent analysis or inclusion in safety case reports.

A6 Confidence Test Equipment Specifications


Park Air T6 Radios.

Systems composed of Park Air T6 Radios and Z4 Filters/combiners


Radio test suite automates testing of single radios.

System test suite automates testing of multi-radio system including filters and combiner components.

Radio operational tests performed

Transmitter: RF power output, frequency error, modulation level and modulation distortion.

Receiver: Sensitivity, frequency error, audio output level, audio output distortion and squelch level.

System operational tests performed

Filter/combiner tuning, RF connectivity checks and system loss.