Imperial War Museum Duxford upgrades to VoIP

​Visitors to Imperial War Museum (IWM) Duxford enjoy the heritage and tradition of this Second World War airfield. But behind the scenes, the ground-to-air infrastructure is built around a 21st Century solution from Northrop Grumman.​

The challenge for IWM Duxford

Northrop Grumman has supplied and maintained ground-to-air equipment for IWM Duxford for many years.

However, one component of the control tower system was an analogue voice switch provided by another company.

This voice switch had been in place for many years and was nearing the end of its usable life. Although it still worked perfectly, it was clear that soon it would be impossible for anyone to guarantee maintenance for the switch.

Not only were management at IWM Duxford aware of the fact that the switch was beyond economical repair, but the lack of a maintenance contract for the switch had also been raised as an issue by the CAA’s Safety and Airspace Regulation Group (SARG).

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